Kindness Tips & Support

12 Easy Ways to Express Kindness

1. Visit an Elder
2. Help a child with their homework
3. Ask someone how they are and then really listen to their answer
4. Hug someone who looks a little down.
5. Send out a kind “for no special reason” email or text to someone you care about
6. Hold open the door for the person behind you
7. Make peace with someone that has hurt you
8. Give your time to a friend or someone who needs
9. Greet others with a smile and a hello
10. Say "I love you" a little more often to your family and friends
11. Pause before you speak, and choose words with positive intention
12. Give people the benefit of the doubt

Support for Creating Greater Kindness

It’s hard to be kind when you’re not feeling very good about yourself. Sometimes we all need a little help. Here are some numbers for you to reach counselling and crisis support. Talking about the pain is the first step to healing.

Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society

KUU-US Crisis Response Services

24-hour, culturally safe help for First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples

Child/Youth line:

Toll free: 1-800-588-8717

Adult/Elder line:

Toll free: 1-800-588-8717 or

24 Hour Crisis Support

Crisis support and Suicide Prevention

Toll free: 1-800-784-2433

24 Hour Crisis Line

Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention

Toll free: 604-310-6789

National Indian Residential School Crisis Line
Toll free: 1-866-925-4419

Pemberton Mental Health Intake 


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