Lateral Kindness is a positive
response to Lateral Violence

Lateral violence is an effect of Colonialism that hurts us all. At Southern Stl'atl'imx Health Society we believe the solution is lateral kindness. That’s why we’ve started the SSHS Kindness Project.

Imagine a world where we love and support each other, communicate with respect, and respond with kindness. That was the traditional Stl’atl’imx way. It can be our way again. All it takes is a willingness to treat ourselves and others with kindness and the ability to say sorry when
we don’t get it quite right.

Colonialism has kept us from ourselves and each other.
Together let̓s can make lateral kindness a Stl’atl’imx value.

NEW Kindness Project brochure about recognizing
and responding to lateral violence.

The Kindness Project CD

Native American Music Award-winning collection of Stl'atl'imx songs and stories.

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Kindness Project Supporter Posters
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Information for helping you on your journey to greater kindness.


A place to inspire others with stories about the power of kindness.

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Take the The Kindness Pledge and print out a copy for your wall. Let everyone know that you are saying YES to Lateral Kindness!

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Vanessa, Maple Ridge
Monique, T'Souke & Namgis
Daaks, Gitxsan
John Reilly, Maple Ridge
Brandy Kane, Xaxilo'p
Jody Jones, Vancouver Coastal Region
Victoria Peters, Peters First Nation
Cindy Irving, Líl̓wat
Denise Johnson, Ditidaht
Samantha Quesnelle, Métis
Desiree Baker, Namgis
Annette Narcisse, Líl̓wat

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